Reasons for leasing-out your house

You will always have back-up option

If you moved to another city, or if you started living with your partner, you will always have back-up plan in case that you are not doing well in your current situation. You never know what can happen, so be ready for any unpredictable occasion. There is old saying – man is planning, God is laughing, so be sure that you will always have place to get back at.

You will learn some extra money on long road

This depends much on rate of leasing ground rent, if it is fixed, you are probably not going to earn lot of money from it, but if it is escalating your grandsons may have benefits from it. Also you can always put some additional fees in contract, but be careful; you don’t want to cause new leasing scandal.

Value of your property will increase

Eventually, the value of your house and other property will increase by time, and by keeping it as your ownership will just give you more benefits. Eventually, once when leaseholder of your house get bored of paying leasing ground rent and decide to buy freehold house, you can ask for more money.

You will have tax benefits

As freeholder of house you are going to have some tax deductions and it will save you some additional money.

Leasing-out the house is nice experience

By leasing-out a property you will meet new people and learn how to manage this kind of business. It will help you if you decide one day that you want to be entrepreneur or something like that. Also working on contract can be interesting, so if you decided to lease-out let it be thrilling.